How to Convert an OST File to a PST Manually?



Exchange Server when lead to serious situation, OST files lead to serious damage, the thing user can do, OST files can be converted into PST files.

You are working in IT Company for past few years where you have MS Outlook environment. Now, accidentally, you lost your account from Exchange Server, as it is deleted accidentally. The difficult situation for you is that you do not even have backup of Exchange Server. The time you created an account, Exchange assigned you a unique ID.

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Two Methods for OST to PST Conversion: Manual & Professional help

Now, the question arises how to convert an OST File to a PST manually? There are few steps that can convert OST files into PST files. Follow the step by step process:

  1. First open MS Outlook
  2. Then, click File menu
  3. Select, Import and export Wizard or Press‘t’
  4. Next, select the export to a file option from the list > Next
  5. Choose Personal File Folder (.pst) > Next.
  6. Select the items that are to be exported into PST or click at the parent root and check subfolders option
  7. Browse and select the target folder so that you can save the items Lastly click ‘Finish

Demerits with Manual Method: These are steps that can convert corrupted OST data into PST and in usable form. This method is absolutely time-consuming and tiring, so go for other option and use commercial package.

Professional OST Converter: Using outside application like OST Recovery software will convert OST files to PST files and that too instantly. No laborious task, no long process, just get the application and get the conversion done in little time. This application will help you in recovering OST files and converting OST data into PST.